Sunday, August 21, 2011

Side Project Ideas

My writing recently has been sporadic at best. My university has year round classes and I have been taking very difficult courses requiring a large amount of my attention. Even so, I have been considering taking on several side projects for when I can't be bothered to invest my attention fully enough for my main story.

For one of these short stories, I have been having trouble with the first chapter or so. The actual beginning of the timeline is set in a very low-key environment and therefore not very useful as a first chapter. I am considering starting it in media res and just wanted to get some responses about what you think of it. Really quickly, in media res is when you start the story at a point in time other than the beginning of the timeline to more easily establish motive, character, or setting. Where have you seen it work well and where has it bombed? Do you think it's played out or still a useful method of storytelling? If I get some positive feedback, I'll start working through the intro for it and hopefully post it eventually.

In an unrelated note, I have been working on the story whose intro I posted a while ago. I do like where the intro is at right now, but I haven't been posting anything from the story recently because I keep changing my mind about where it needs to go as I move forward in the story. I haven't forgot about you guys so don't think I've just given up. I hope to start working through it more. As I do, my posts will be much closer together than two months at a time... hopefully.