About Me

So just a couple of quick things about me. My name is Carter Bame-Aldred, I am 22, and I am in college studying to become a CPA. Life as a CPA is boring as hell most of the time so I figured I should probably find something to occupy my mind while work occupied my time.

I'm a huge video game nerd with RPGs being my main focus. This along with the fact that I have been a big reader since I was very young has led to me having a super over-active imagination. Reading began to not be enough to satisfy my thirst for good fantasy, so I began to write.

I tend to be very blunt with anything i do, say, or write so there is a good chance that I will offend you at some point. I will make no effort to avoid it and if you decide to write me a nasty comment, I will direct you here to my disclaimer.

IMPORTANT DICLAIMER: I'm rude. Get over it.