Sunday, March 3, 2013

February Word Master Challenge

The Word Master Challenges by Misha over at My First Book are always interesting and extremely difficult, but the one from February really had me scratching my head. The premise was simple. Pick a place and describe it in 300 words or less along with up to a 50 word intro. Seems simple, no? I was surprised to find that I struggled with this one more than I could have possibly anticipated. I was split on where I wanted to talk about and worried it wouldn't be interesting enough. I finally decided to just get over it and go for it. The result is as follows

After my senior year in high school I went on a trip with some of my friends to Italy. Out of the entire amazing trip, one place stood out in my mind in particular. Sorrento is an idyllic town right on the Mediterranean and I had an absolutely amazing time.

My description is shorter than I had expected, but I wanted to just get right to the point. Hope ya like it!

I walk out to the balcony, the early morning sun just now beginning to heat up. I step onto the balcony and enjoy the chill from the marble on my bare feet. Breathing in the fresh salt air from the Mediterranean, I look out over the garden of an enormous mansion right out in front of the hotel I’m staying at. The grounds are immaculate and the scent of fresh cut grass and various flowers mixes with the sea air to make an intoxicating atmosphere of calm relaxation.
Staring out at the pristine aquamarine landscape in front of me, I begin to trace the trails the large ships in the bay have left behind. Lost in thought and in the beauty of the moment, I am startled by someone opening their door to the balcony next door. The spell broken, I head back inside to start the day in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

For anyone who has the opportunity to go to Italy, definitely make sure to at least stop off for a day in Sorrento. Truly an amazing town.


  1. I'd just love to make it overseas! Great description :)

  2. I'm linked up at Misha's word challenge too, so had to hop over to read the other links. Great description here. I'd love to visit Italy. X